Thank you!

Dear friend,

Thank you for your resolve to take better care of yourself while you take care of others!

The world needs us–empaths, therapists, body workers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and so many, too numerous to name, who have chosen to make helping others our life’s work. The world needs us to stay strong, clear-minded, and joyful. Yes, I believe that joy is powerful fuel for our work, and that we wither without it. It is difficult to experience joy, though, if we are depleted.

I recorded this 10-minute Self-Care Meditation to help you pause and replenish yourself even in the midst of a very busy day. Please see the download link at the end of this message.

I would also like to offer you $5 off my upcoming workshop. I believe that you will find the material that I am going to present highly valuable:

Uplifting Compassion: Preventing and Healing Compassion Fatigue


You don’t have to get drained and exhausted by empathizing with others! Whether you are a helping professional (working in health care, education, etc.) or an empath working in any field, you need powerful tools to protect yourself from absorbing other people’s suffering. This interactive, hands-on workshop will empower you to reclaim your emotions and your life, so that you can feel inspired and uplifted by the work you do, for years to come.