“Working with Polina was the most important decision in my life in terms of reclaiming my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Her empathetic, passionate nature, depth of knowledge and positive energy are a rare combination and a gift to all who encounter or work with her.”  Maria K, Boulder

“I attended Polina’s program in the fall of 2018. I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years and found all of the material she presented to be very helpful in handling a wide variety of patient care scenarios. She is very kind and intelligent with a good understanding of the challenges that are unique to working in healthcare. She is an excellent teacher with a wealth of information, helpful meditation tools, and thought provoking questions that helped me see my patient care interactions from multiple different perspectives and expanded my conscious awareness.

Since completing her workshop, I have found myself having a more compassionate and authentic relationship with the patients I see while feeling more energized about my work in medicine. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone in healthcare feeling drained, overextended, or disheartened.” – Kristen S., Physician Assistant, Denver, Colorado

Step inside my wellness business, Breathe And Be Well through this micro-documentary. Hear what my clients say about working with me and catch glimpses of our healing sessions:

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“I’ve spent several months taking yoga classes with Polina. She has made a huge impact not only on my physical health, but also my mental well-being. Polina uses a well-researched and personalized approach, taking time to explain things like proper form and why it is important. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow in their yoga practice.” Zach S., Denver

“Polina is magical! She was highly recommended by the Reiki Master I have been seeing for years. I have never had a more in-depth Tarot session, and walked away with a good mindset of what to focus on. The Reiki after Tarot really solidified what I needed to start setting my mind to.” Alina N., Denver

“I highly recommend Polina Rikoun. She has a very gentle spirit about her that brings a sense of calming and openness. I have seen Polina for the past four months and I have experienced more emotional healing and personal growth than I ever have.” Deneen P., Denver

“The teacher-student relationship is an important part of Polina’s yoga practice. She builds the relationship through conscientious engagement, and she is a warm, heartfelt mentor in the way that she demonstrates and teaches new poses. Polina also brings to life the philosophy of yoga by skillfully bridging Eastern philosophy with Western standards in her teaching style. I witness the beauty of yoga in my body by experiencing the return of a sense of balance and well-being and an increase in resiliency through strength development.” Christine M., Denver

You are a Warrior