Uplifting Compassion Workshop


This interactive, hands-on workshop will help you uplift and transform your fundamental approach to your work, so that you can help more clients, patients, or students, more effectively, and feel great while doing it, for years to come.

“I attended Polina’s 6 week Uplifting Compassion program in the fall of 2018. I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years and found all of the material she presented to be very helpful in handling a wide variety of patient care scenarios. She is very kind and intelligent with a good understanding of the challenges that are unique to working in healthcare. She is an excellent teacher with a wealth of information, helpful meditation tools, and thought provoking questions that helped me see my patient care interactions from multiple different perspectives and expanded my conscious awareness.

Since completing her workshop, I have found myself having a more compassionate and authentic relationship with the patients I see while feeling more energized about my work in medicine. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone in healthcare feeling drained, overextended, or disheartened. – Kristen S., Physician Assistant, Denver, Colorado”

In this workshop, you will learn:

✓ What common RISK FACTORS are making you vulnerable to compassion fatigue, and what you need to focus on when caring for yourself.

✓ How to recognize EARLY WARNING SIGNS of compassion fatigue in yourself, so that you can prevent your situation from becoming acute.

✓ The four cornerstones of UPLIFTING COMPASSION and how they can help you do your best work over the long haul, so that you can build a thriving, sustainable career.

✓ POWERFUL, FAST-ACTING TOOLS that will help you restore your sense of well-being even in the midst of an intense, busy day at work.

✓ The most COMMON PITFALLS in maintaining your wellness, and what you can do to avoid them.

As a helper, you need help in doing your work, and if you are in distress, you are not alone!

85% of health care workers suffer from compassion fatigue

40% of U.S. psychologists burn out

60% of therapists suffer from a psychiatric disorder sometime during their career

1 in 4 therapists think about killing themselves, and 1 in 16 try to!

These crises do not arise overnight; they creep up slowly, from years of trying to just tough it out. Don’t wait until you and your career are in trouble. Sign up now to learn how to care for yourself while caring for others, so that your work can reward you for years to come.