The Compassion Code Mastermind

Are you a health professional, working as a physician, nurse, therapist, or care-giver, feeling drained and exhausted by your work? Do you wish to help more people and extend the life span of your career without depleting yourself or sacrificing your personal life?

If helping others is taking a toll on you, you are not alone! The following brief checklist will give you a preliminary sense of whether you need to be concerned about developing burnout, especially a very common form of burnout that results from compassion fatigue:

1. Do you find it challenging to stay calm, positive, and fully engaged when treating patients or clients suffering from acute symptoms, or working with students who have chronic behavioral issues or learning disabilities?

2. Do you find yourself feeling powerless to help your patients/ clients?

3. Do you bring the pain you witness home with you, perhaps feeling angry, irritable, anxious, or depressed? Do you worry about the strain this puts on your family and your own health?

4. Do you feel depleted by being the primary caretaker and the “shoulder to cry on” in all your personal relationships?

5. Is your body perpetually tense, even when you are trying to relax? Do you suffer from tension headaches, neck aches, stomach aches, and other tension-related problems?

6. Do you wonder how many years you can work in your profession before you risk burning out? Are you afraid that burnout could jeopardize your career and financial stability?

If you answered “YES” to more than two questions, burnout and compassion fatigue may be a significant concern for you. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place for receiving the support you need! Read on to find out how The Compassion Code Mastermind program can help you change everything for the better.

“I attended Polina’s program in the fall of 2018. I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years and found all of the material she presented to be very helpful in handling a wide variety of patient care scenarios. She is very kind and intelligent with a good understanding of the challenges that are unique to working in healthcare. She is an excellent teacher with a wealth of information, helpful meditation tools, and thought provoking questions that helped me see my patient care interactions from multiple different perspectives and expanded my conscious awareness.

Since completing her workshop, I have found myself having a more compassionate and authentic relationship with the patients I see while feeling more energized about my work in medicine. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone in healthcare feeling drained, overextended, or disheartened. – Kristen S., Physician Assistant, Denver, Colorado”

This eighjt-week program will empower you to create a sustainable, happy, and rewarding professional life:

1. Develop the capacity to help more patients, more effectively, and feel great while doing it.

2. Learn to stay peaceful, positive, and fully engaged even when things get challenging. Appreciate the positive impact of your work. Make peace with the pain that you cannot take away.

3. Establish strong, healthy boundaries that protect you from absorbing your patients’ suffering and bringing it home with you. Become more loving, patient, and joyful in your relationship to yourself and your loved ones.

4. Cultivate a sane and sustainable balance of giving and receiving in all your relationships.

5. Befriend your body and learn to relax yourself at will, even in stressful situations. Replace tension-related pains with a sense of ease and well-being.

6. Add many happy, productive years to your career. Do your best work with confidence and grace, creating opportunities for recognition, promotion, and financial rewards.

To receive a personalized head-start on your path out of burnout, and learn more about this transformative 8-week program, send me a message via the Contact page, and we will schedule your complimentary, 60-minute Burnout Solution Coaching Call to get you started in the right direction!