For Empaths

If you are an empath suffering from compassion fatigue, join Polina Rikoun, Ph.D. to learn how to reclaim your emotions, your body, and your life!

Uplifting Compassion Workshop: Preventing and Healing Compassion Fatigue

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Is this you?

Are you perpetually drained and exhausted by other people’s dramas, or sometimes even their mere presence? Do you seem to attract narcissists, drama queens, and other “energy vampires” who take more than they contribute?

Do you get overstimulated and overwhelmed by loud conversations, dance clubs, parties, and other social activities that people around you seem to relish and enjoy? Does this make you feel isolated, like you just can’t find your tribe?

Do you feel other people’s emotions in your own body, as much as you do your own? Does an angry shout or aggressive gesture land straight in your heart, like a stab?

Do you carry high levels of physical tension, just to shield yourself from feeling everything so intensely? Do you suffer from headaches, backaches, indigestion, sleep disturbances, and other tension-related health issues?

If you answered YES to even three out of these four questions, chances are YOU ARE AN EMPATH.

What Every Empath Needs to Know

Being an empath means that your nervous system is extraordinarily sensitive, enabling you to experience life much more intensely than most other people do.
This includes feeling other people’s mental-emotional states with your whole body, as if they were your own, or perhaps even more strongly.

All people have an innate capacity to empathize, but your capabilities go far beyond what folks in the ‘mainstream’ experience. Your gift–and yes, being an empath is a great gift–also makes you vulnerable to COMPASSION FATIGUE.

Compassion fatigue is a sense of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that results from empathizing with others too deeply, without regulating your empathic processes. It can be accompanied by a host of symptoms that can include anxiety, depression, anger, numbing, exhaustion, insomnia, difficulties in focusing, and many others.

The bottom line is that you cannot thrive unless you recognize, honor, and care for your uniqueness in very particular ways. You cannot avoid compassion fatigue if you go without self-care. Plus, your self-care will fall short if it is limited to isolated, piece-meal actions. Less sensitive folks may be able to get away with a random walk, bath, or yoga class. But not you.

To gain control over your empathic abilities, to experience them as a super-power and not a curse, and to simply enjoy life, you need a comprehensive, total self-care system for how you live, work, and relate to yourself and others.

So, what do you do?

Help is Right Here!

Great news is, you have come exactly to the right place to get help.

I am an empath, like you, and I have learned this the hard way. I used to work in higher education (yes, empaths are drawn to helping professions!), and I just kept absorbing my students and colleagues’ stresses, like a sponge. For years, I was able to just muscle through it, and keep myself afloat with stop-gap measures. But when I got promoted, and my job pressures increased, compassion fatigue caught up with me, and I crashed and burned. That’s when I started training in holistic approaches to wellness, to reclaim my emotions, my body, and my life. All of my trainings and personal experiences have led me to create a unique program–Uplifting Compassion–to help other empaths avoid the pain that I went through.

I offer Uplifting Compassion in several different formats, to suit a wide range of lifestyles and budgets. Yes, I want this help to be accessible to as many people as possible! If you are wondering where to begin, take my 2-hour workshop:


It gives you a great overview of what you need to know to care for yourself, so that you can learn:

✓ What common RISK FACTORS are making you vulnerable to compassion fatigue, and what you need to focus on when caring for yourself.

✓ How to recognize EARLY WARNING SIGNS of compassion fatigue in yourself, so that you can prevent your situation from becoming acute.

✓ The four cornerstones of UPLIFTING COMPASSION and how they can help you gain control over your empathic abilities, so that you can stop getting yanked around by others’ dramas, and live your life with grace and ease.

✓ POWERFUL, FAST-ACTING TOOLS that will help you restore your sense of well-being even in situations that would otherwise leave you overstimulated and overwhelmed.

✓ The most COMMON PITFALLS in maintaining your wellness, and what you can do to avoid them.

With all this knowledge and tools under your belt, you will be able to accomplish the following:

Protect yourself from other people’s dramas, and keep narcissists, drama queens, and other “energy vampires” out of your life, so that you can reclaim your own time and energy for activities you love.

Feel centered and peaceful in the midst of boisterous social activities, so that you can enjoy yourself and connect to others in satisfying ways.

Regulate your emapthetic processes, so that you no longer need to feel other people’s emotions in your own body. This way, you can make conscious choices about when and how to empathize, instead of being at your environment’s mercy.

Create appropriate filters and personal boundaries, so that you no longer need to use physical tension to shield yourself. With the root cause of tension gone, you will be able to wave good-bye to tension-induced aches and pains.